Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Business Mom _ A self house architect (1)

Hi Ukhties..

Long time not blogging just like years, lol!
Kinda busy lately, pretending to be a carrier woman just like i used to be.. but in another form. Aaah, so happy to be a Housewife, an unpayable job ever. Being so many parts in life; As a manager, as a house keeper, as a finance, as an education consultant, ... and today, as a constructor! Wow.. that's more than amazing to me.. Alhamdulillah.

yeap, these two weeks i've been renovating my house.. after so many periods and (colons.. haha) episodes, finally IT'S A RUB. Thank Allah so much for this. Though it's a tough part to be played, but i'm satisfied. There's more than everything i've learned about building stuff, with a flash in mind to make houses and design them by myself, Hey! it's worth a try to be an architect, though (let's say) an illegal one (means: an all of a sudden/ by needs architect_grins_).
But, truly, happen to design and build my own house is a huge experience to me. Start from designing, controlling workers, searching for materials, organizing stuffs, managing budget, sharing the time between family, schools, and house. That needs an extraordinary work, ukhties! but really worth it. And do you know how it feels to finally found what you have designed for so long? INCREDIBLE.. 

I'm hoping that this one-dream-comes-true is not only happening and given only in this world, but also happen in the hereafter, as a gift from Allah in heaven later. Aaamiin.

Btw, i'd like to share some tips about this building stuff. Maybe it would be useful for you whose going to build a house, planning to have a house whether buy it or build your own but don't have any ideas yet how to choose a good building (include type and environment), or just want some information about houses.. let me share it to you (of course, based on my experience as an amateur hehe). Check this out:

1. Start by searching 4W + 1 H
 *What: this means the type of house that you need or look for in width. It could be based on your own needs, or your family needs (such as if you are married and have children, so how many rooms would you need to have), or if you are a worker and stay in one location for quite a long time, you should consider what type of house that suits for your working environment (it could be considered for the size of your house which could be large or small).
If the width type is already decided, then you may continue to search the design. What interest people most these days is the minimalist type (what's this? will be discussed later). The design can also be provided by the developer (it suits you who choose to buy house NOT build your own)
 *Where: this means the location where you would build/buy your house. Whether it should close to your office, your children schools, your relatives houses, etc. Or you may considered some strategic areas such as in the center of the city and close to malls, or you may preferred a quiet environment such as near mountain area, plantation area, etc. One thing that's important in this location is the environment. It would be worthless if the location suits you best but the environment is too danger for your living. (environment will be discuss in next post, Insha Allah)
 *How: this means 
   #Budget: How much that it cost? (will be discuss later)
   #Time/Period: How long will it take? (in building period if you choose to build your own house, or in buying process if you choose to buy it both cash or credit by banking procedure)
 *Who: this means the people who will be involved in making your house. It can be two options; pick from the developer (we just need to choose the house that has been provided/for those who will buy the ready-house directly) or prepare your own workers (for those who choose to build your own)
 *Why: hmmm.. this point looks like simple but often forgotten as an important one. It's about the purpose why you want to have a house. It's NECESSARY, ukhties! You definitely have purposes why you want a house. Whatever the purpose is, STICK WITH IT! It would be a motivation for you to keep concerning in having a house. It will leads you to be focus in making rooms, sketching the design, choosing the materials you preferred, deciding the environment, EVERYTHING! So, be sure to make it precise, ok? This way, you will work a bit hard or even harder to make it true. But trust me, It's worth it!

How's about it so far.. ?
Find more infos in my next post; Business Mom _ A self house architect (2)